It looks like someone had this error in 2006, and it was never resolved. I am posting this, hoping that in 2018 someone will have the same issue again, and the wisdom of the ancients will not fail him.

Dec 10, 2012 1:41:05 AM org.apache.commons.validator.ValidatorResources getForm
WARNING: Form 'myFormBean' not found for locale 'en_US'

In Struts 1.3, when you see this error in your code, it’s because you have a ValidatorForm specified in your struts-config, and Struts is trying to instantiate it, and wondering what validator rules it follows. The validator is looking in your validation.xml file (the thing specified in the plug-in element in your struts-config.xml file), and not seeing any mention of your form. The bit about the locale is a red herring; every Form bean that extends ValidatorForm listed in struts-config.xml must have a corresponding form element in validation.xml. It doesn’t matter if your ValidatorForm does all of its own validation in validate(). Everything will work, but if that empty element isn’t in validation.xml, you will get this annoying warning, and if you treat warnings as errors, then you’re probably wondering how to fix it.

To fix it, add an empty form element to validation.xml, like this:

		<form name="myFormBean">

Please use this knowledge to save us from the Ko-dan armada.