World of Goo

This weekend only, World of Goo is 75% off on Steam. This is down from an already low $19.95 to a mere FIVE DOLLARS. This is your chance to join the morally elite who pay for the things they consume. Strange concept, I know.

World of Goo is one of an increasingly few games to be released without any DRM. It's an indie game developed by two renegade EA developers. It's also available on Linux as well as Windows and the Wii! It was released in 2008 with almost universal acclaim scoring a 94% on Metacritic.

For all the nerd-rage on the internet about how much we don't need DRM, EA sucks, the that games should made for Linux; the fact that this game had a nearly 90% piracy rate suggests that gamers are just hypocrite whiners.

Help reverse this trend. Support indie games. Buy this. It's five dollars. You will probably spend more on lunch today.