When it comes to the environment and sustainability, your average hippie will want to live off the grid, farm their own food, and have a minimal if not zeroed carbon footprint. I find that throwing out any technological progress our civilization has made in the interest of the environment is wasteful. Technogaianism offers a much more palatable philosophy for most people.

This point of view is different from the default position of radical environmentalists and a common opinion that all technology necessarily degrades the environment, and that environmental restoration can therefore occur only with reduced reliance on technology. Technogaians argue that technology gets cleaner and more efficient with time. They would also point to such things as hydrogen fuel cells to demonstrate that developments do not have to come at the environment's expense. More directly, they argue that such things as nanotechnology and biotechnology can directly reverse environmental degradation. Molecular nanotechnology, for example, could convert garbage in landfills into useful materials and products, while biotechnology could lead to novel microbes that devour hazardous waste. (wikipedia)