Aaron Dixon - Saul
Paul Houlbrooke - Apollo
Sean George - Tyrol*
Chris Rabeler - Baltar
Phil Busby - Roslin
Ken Mather - Boomer*

To shake things up this game, and keep people from picking characters they've been before, everyone picked the character for the person to their right going clockwise. Paul made Aaron be Saul first, then it went down in the order above. Phil picked Chris to be Baltar because he's such a horrible horrible human anyway. Ken picked Phil to be Roslin so Chris wouldn't be president. Aaron picked Ken to be Boomer so he could be admiral.

Apollo draws Missing G4 Explosives as the first crisis to put Boomer in jail as she starts in the armory. Tyrol puts in 1, pass, pass, Boomer says she'll take care of it and puts in 3 cards. It fails, and there's a blue 5 point skill card in it, so Boomer goes to jail, but she accuses Tyrol of sabotaging the check. It's pretty suspicious though, so Roslin and Saul both think Boomer's a cylon. Food Shortage advances jump track. Roslin cherry picks Water Sabotage to advance the jump track, then a Survey Team, Forced Water Mining, and Rescue the fleet all advance the jump track for a quick first jump. Saul takes us 3 distance for 2 fuel. Good Saul.

Tyrol draws Declare Martial Law, and the presidency goes to Saul. Then a Raiding Party, but the jump track is at 0, so we just get some friends. Scouting For Water pushes the jump track up, then Low Supplies, then Besieged giving us a base star and friends on the board. Apollo draws Network Computers, and it passes, but Tyrol is all like "oops, blind devotion (his once per game) says it failed", so instead of advancing jump twice, it goes back once and gives us a boarding party. Tyrol's turn is next too, and he reveals sending Baltar to sickbay so he draws only 1 skillcard next turn. Crap. He leaves and goes to the Armory, rolls, and hits a lucky 7 removing the boarding party. Baltar draws Analyze Enemy Fighter advancing the jump track, but activating raiders to blow up 3 ships to kill 3 pop. Then a Jump Control Failure pushes jump back one, and population is now in red which is good for making sure the sympathizer sides with humans, but it really is the worst thing to be in red because it inhibits sprinting through jumping early. Boomer draws Elections loom to advance the jump track, but three heavy raiders are about to board. [caption id="attachment_356" align="alignright" width="300" caption="Boomer and the Heavy Raiders"]Cylon-Boomer uses 2xLaunch Scouts instead of 2xMax Firepower to kill the heavy raiders.[/caption]Saul's turn, Boomer says she has two max firepowers to fire on them, probably killing or at least getting rid of two of three, so he executive orders her for two actions. But instead, she scouts twice for bad crises and high-fives Cylon-Tyrol. Technically it was better than execing Apollo, because if Apollo were a cylon, he'd get 3 actions in a row; but we had all forgotten about suspecting Boomer was a cylon from the beginning. She decides to stay a "human" so she can still bomb crises and use her once-per-game. So crises suck for a while, Cylon-Tyrol hits us with his supercrisis, Fleet Mobilization, which fails from already low cards, and advances the heavy raiders further. Baltar manages to shoot at a boarding party killing it, but draws the Guilt by Collusion crisis which fails from a bad skill check. Roslin cherry picks a jump counter with Water Shortage.

We jump past 4 distance, and the sympathizer is neutralized going to the already cylon Tyrol. Heavy raiders urgently need to be killed, as they're at 2/4 (we lose at 4/4). Saul moves to the President's Office, and says he has an Authorization of Brutal Force, so the plan is he execs Roslin to use her once-per-game and hopefully draw the other Brutal Force, Apollo execs Saul to use the president's office, so in total there are 6 quorum draws, and Baltar's turn to adapt, and maybe Roslin's turn to do something. And since Boomer didn't reveal, unless someone's crisis activates heavy raiders, Saul and Apollo will get turns. [caption id="attachment_358" align="alignleft" width="300" caption="Saul ready to be exec'ed"]Saul ready to be exec'ed[/caption]So Roslin is exec'ed, but doesn't draw it. Saul is exec'ed, uses the office to draw one, doesn't get it, uses his Brutal Force in hand as the second part of the office, then as his second action uses the office to draw, doesn't get it, so he draws another as the second part and doesn't get it. Cylon-Tyrol's turn uses Cylon Fleet to push the boarding party further, they're right on the edge now. Baltar's turn, he execs Apollo to use the armory twice, but we're all out of Strategic Planning cards so we have two 25% chances of hitting (a little less than a 50/50 chance). He misses both times with a 2 then a 3, so the Strat Planning wouldn't have helped anyway. He draws Boarding parties, immediately activating heavy raiders, and the humans lose.

Before the second jump, humans could have jumped early to bring pop down to 3 at half-time and save the ship from boarding parties, but having 3 pop is really rough. I guess having two cylons actively sabotaging stuff before half-time is really devastating for the humans.