I figured I'd start to write down the results of board games I play. Maybe once I have a lot of these collected, I could gather some statistics about it to answer a few questions like... Who always wins? Who always loses? Are we getting better at playing Humans? How often is Sean a Cylon?

If you're not familiar with how BSG:TBG works then this may seem confusing, but the rules for it are on the internet. It's a very highly rated game on boardgamegeek.com, does not contain any direct spoilers about the series, and is fully enjoyable by people who haven't ever seen an episode of the show. I don't really take notes while playing, so I mostly remember what happens to me, so if the recap seems a little one-sided or self-centered, that's because it is.

[caption id="attachment_262" align="alignright" width="362" caption="Cylons swarm Galactica"]Cylons swarm Galactica[/caption]

  • Aaron Dixon - Helo
  • Chris Rabeler - Roslin
  • Sean George - Adama*
  • Phil Busby - Baltar
  • Ken Mather - Starbuck*

Humans make it to Earth! It was pretty close, though. Chris gets a lucky break discovering Ken is a cylon early in the game, but he stays a Human for a bit and has some fun with his once-per-game ability. This was very fortunate, since Kara tends to be executive ordered a lot to get out into a viper so she'll have 2 actions when she begins her turn. It's always dangerous exec'ing someone right before their turn though, since it offers a potential cylon 1 action to dick over the humans, 1 action to reveal, and then a full turn as a cylon. An otherwise uneventful first half, but this is good since it's Aaron's first game. Halfway through Phil (Baltar) checks Sean's cards since he's the president. Yet again Sean is a Cylon. Sean (Adama) reveals, but in hilarious irony Aaron (Helo) is in the brig, Ken (Kara) is a revealed cylon, so Phil (Baltar) gets the admiralship!

By this point, fuel is pretty low. It gets down to about 4 by now. No fleet deployments until late in the game, but then all of a sudden shit hits fan. While we're trying to deal with it Ken does hits us with a supercrisis to blow up Colonial One. Barely passes with 18/15, Ken puts on a 4-strength to bring us down to 14/15, but and Phil declares emergency to pass with 14/13. Phil is low on cards and Aaron and Chris blow all they can but one raider hits a civvy ship with fuel (now down to 3). Then Jump, destination gets us 2 distance for 2 fuel (1 fuel remains), and we're at 9 distance. Next jump gets us to earth, but we get a quick unlucky Jammed Assault.

Aaron also has no max firepowers to clear out raiders. Since I made such a stink before the game about how we never actually USE nukes, Aaron executive orders Phil to double-nuke the base stars which clears out one base star but the other is damaged. Then 2 more fleet deployments make a massive death force coming around front of ship. Moral begins to tank down to 1 from crises as Humans get desperate to progress the jump counter and force jump risking 3 population. Raiders build up on the front of the board, civvy ships can't be moved (due to Jammed Assault), and most vipers are damaged leaving only Aaron (Helo) as a shield. Luck sides with Humans and Cylons fail to roll 5 or higher (on an 8 sided die) about 10 times in a row.

This one was hosted at Phil's house. Radar did not eat any pieces (the game before, he had eaten Tom Zarek's plastic stand). We learned that when civvy ships blow up, they are  removed from the game.