R2: The Infinite Composer's Keyboard

This is a program that plays a note every time you press a key on the keyboard, or click a button on your mouse. You need to add the program to your accessibility-enabled programs, otherwise you only get the mouse clicks and not the keypresses. I wrote it in about 6 hours, without having any prior knowledge of how to write macOS apps. As such, I take no liability, but really how much damage can no more than a few dozen active lines of code do? Since this is effectively asking you to install itself as a keylogger, it had better be open source.

Because an infinite number of monkeys at an infinite number of keyboards might eventually write Shakespeare, but why not also have them mine for Mozart as well?


The easiest way to install this is if you have Homebrew installed, running:
brew cask install philihp/casket/r2
If you prefer not to run brew, you can download and extract this file: r2.tgz (pgp, md5, sha1)

Download the zip and unzip it. If you run it, it will prompt you to open your computer's accessibility security settings, because it's totally a keylogger and OSX will only make beeps on mouse clicks unless you add R2 to the list of cool programs. You need root to do this.

Minimum Requirements


Made with ♥ in San Francisco